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Animation: TPU/PETG 6763 Part

Prent is pleased to present its 40th Annual Holiday Ornament Package. 

With the support of GOEX, this year’s package showcases a unique material for packaging abrasive products in the thermoforming industry. Co-extruded TPU (Polyurethane) and PETG 6763 have been selected to be showcased in this year’s holiday package. This material combination allows for their best qualities to be formed into one sheet of raw material. TPU is a soft material that minimizes product movement and has high abrasive resistance characteristics. The outside of the package consists of PETG 6763 which allows us to thermoform a dimensionally stable package. 

This Ornament Animation showcases the package’s unique design featuring multiple hinges which fold up and down—thereby offering exceptional protection as well as a stable display base. 

Prent Corporation is always developing new ideas and ways to create innovative thermoform packages. We hope you enjoy this year’s creative holiday package. Best wishes to you and yours for a happy holiday season and a prosperous new year.

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