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Prent Wins Two Major SPE Packaging Awards in 2008

JANESVILLE, WI—October 22, 2008—Prent Corporation, the global leader of custom medical thermoform packaging, walked off with two top honors at the recent Parts Competition of the Society of Plastics Engineers—Thermoforming Division.

Bariatric Device Kit Incorporates Prent’s New Ramp Snap

Winning a Silver Medal in the Roll Fed Medical category was the “Bariatric Device Kit,” a new product for clinicians to perform bariatric procedures. The various components of the medical device are contained in a nest of thermoformed trays and retainers, which are then inserted into an attractive corrugate presentation carrying case.

“A critical objective was to develop an all-thermoform package for the insertion and removal of multiple long catheter-like devices. More typically, such solutions are injection molded,” according to Joe Pregont, Prent President & CEO. “The kit is made from ten thermoformed parts, generated from just five tools. Combined, the inner and outer trays consist of more than 16 multi-level cavities. 

“Most of the critical design elements are incorporated into the Hoop Trays, including the Hoop Retainers and associated Ramp Snaps, an original Prent design,” he points out. “They act as both a snap and channel in which one of the long catheter-like devices is guided into and out of the tray without jamming.

“Because the bariatric device kit is a premium product, a very impressive looking, yet simple to understand kit was needed. We incorporated several material colors to help clinicians easily identify various devices and embossed numbers next to each cavity to ensure each device’s order-of-use was self-evident,” he says.

Sheath Tray Guards Against Buckling
Winning a Bronze in the Roll Fed Medical category was Prent’s design for a Sheath Tray. The medical device company turned to Prent for this project because of Prent’s design capabilities and its ability to thermoform very long parts. 

ABOUT PRENT CORPORATION: Prent is the world’s leading designer and producer of thermoform packages for the medical industry. Headquartered in Janesville, WI, it has over 1,000 employees worldwide at its operations in Wisconsin, Arizona, Singapore, Malaysia, Shanghai and Puerto Rico. Prent is ISO 9001:2000 certified, manufactures in Class 100,000 production and secondary clean room environments, and utilizes Six Sigma lean initiatives, process excellence and continuous process improvement.

For more information visit or contact Vicki Damron, Prent Marketing, at 608-758-1150 or