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Prent Corporation

Forming The Future

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We are the world's leading global solution provider and manufacturer of rigid, custom plastic thermoformed packaging. As one of the leading global thermoforming companies, we partner with numerous multinational companies in the medical, electronics, and consumer packaging industries. Prent is proud to produce innovative, reliable, and cost-effective solutions for our customers. Our services include:

Medical Packaging

Medical Solutions

Consumer Packaging

Consumer Solutions

Electronics Packaging

Electronics Solutions

If you're looking for a global partner for producing high-quality thermoformed packaging, we invite you to contact us today!

Whether for medical, electronics, or consumer packaging, our team of skilled professionals will help you master your next packaging challenge, from concept to production, on your schedule.

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World Wide Facilities Make Us one of the top thermoforming packaging companies

Prent Global

Headquartered in Janesville, WI, USA our turnkey worldwide facilities allow us to be a preferred, strategic, single-source supplier that can ensure global thermoform packaging delivery regularly.

All Prent facilities are ISO certified, greenfield operations. Each is equipped with identical, state-of-the-art thermoformers, meticulously designed at our Worldwide Machine Build Facility in Janesville, WI. The result to you is an unmatched risk mitigation plan that ensures repeatable production of high-quality products delivered straight to your facility’s dock, on time, anywhere in the world.

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Our Global Capabilities:


Prent's manufacturing model is unmatched, designing and building uniform thermoforming equipment for all of our manufacturing facilities around the world. Our global capabilities are part of what sets us apart from other thermoforming companies, as we make sure every facility is equipped with the same equipment, general floor design, and work instructions/procedures – leading to a consistently high-quality end-product, no matter where it was manufactured. Having uniform facility design and equipment also allows you to easily transfer your tooling to a facility closer to your business, reducing transportation costs and helping you meet sustainability goals. 

  • Award Winning Package Design Team
  • Concurrent In-House 3D Design and Prototyping
  • Four In-House Tool Build Locations
  • Non-Sterile and Sterile barrier packing
  • Seamless Tool Transfer
  • Globally Uniform Thermoformers, designed and built by Prent
  • Vendor Managed Inventory, Ship-to-Stock, KanBan Programs
  • Repeatable Process Worldwide
  • Certified Class 7 and 8 Cleanrooms
  • Extensive Secondary Operations
  • On-Time Delivery
  • ISO Certified Facilities
  • Validations for Thermoformed Tray to be 11607 Compliant
  • Unmatched Risk Mitigation Plan

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Prent Joins Healthcare Plastics Recycling Council

Prent is excited to join the Healthcare Plastics Recycling Council. We look forward to working together to find recycling solutions for plastics products and packaging used in the healthcare industry and create a more sustainable and circular economy.

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Here's Whats New


TPU Tip Protectors

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About Prent

From our humble beginnings in 1967, Prent has grown to become the world's leading thermoforming packaging company. Today, Prent has truly global capabilities with standardized design engineering centers and manufacturing plants across the Americas, Asia and Europe.

Prent's vision to be the industry leader is validated by developing and supplying reliable, cost-effective, and innovative rigid thermoformed packaging to top Medical and Electronics, and consumer companies in the world.

Prent's customer dedicated design team is focused on knowing your business inside and out, and meeting the packaging needs for healthcare, Medical Device, Electronics packaging, and Consumer Packaging.

Our global design teams understand market needs and work as an extension of your team to insure close collaboration with your engineers, marketing, manufacturing, and supply chain teams. Our concurrent engineering practice results in better package designs, faster time to market, risk mitigation, and lower overall production costs.

Our medical packaging solutions utilize medical grade materials, offer sterile barrier protection, class 8 cleanroom manufacturing, and are compatible with autoclave, gamma, and EtO sterilization methods. Our electronics packaging is designed to protect your part from handling, extreme temperatures, and electrostatic discharge. Our Consumer Packaging addresses the needs for security, ease of use, and ecofriendly, sustainable material.

Prent Careers

Prent Corporation’s success has been driven by our dedicated employees. We are a family-owned company that embraces teamwork, open communication and high ethical standards. Prent has focused on employee career development by providing a wide range of learning opportunities to achieve career excellence!

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Everyone's Talking About Prent


The depth and breadth of Prent’s global sourcing capabilities is very unique in the medical packaging industry. They operate nine thermoforming centers and a vast sales and service network scattered across three continents. Prent’s global footprint compliments SJM manufacturing strategies, providing us the local support needed.

– St. Jude Medical Sr. Commodity Manager


Prent’s packaging system defines new frontiers in the medical device field by integrating material, with end-use customer-focused features that enable the package to be a value-add to the overall therapy. Prent has a good design team that can articulate what we as a customer require. They are consumer-focused and use cutting-edge equipment.

– Customer Comments on DuPont Award for Innovation


Prent’s Medtronic EnVeo™ R is an outstanding accomplishment in packaging innovation. It’s precision engineering for a demanding application.

– DuPont Packaging Award Judge


Prent’s innovative solution and technical expertise was impressive. We chose the right company for the job, with the right package design engineers. It’s been a breath of fresh air to work with Prent.

– Packaging Engineer About WorldStar Winning Package


Prent is truly a valued and strategic international partner. We recognize the value they add to the products we produce now; and what you will produce for us in the future. We wouldn’t be successful without you.

– International Customer with Strategic Prent Partnership