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Vertical Integration

A True Turnkey Packaging Provider

In our pursuit to provide the world's finest custom plastic thermoform packaging, Prent Corporation has long recognized the importance of controlling all our own processes. Decades ago we introduced a vertically integrated business model designed to provide you with unmatched turn-key packaging services, as well as a seamless transition between processes at all facilities, and excellent communication. Today, this vision is the cornerstone to our Quality Policy and Mission Statement.

In addition to our global Product Development, global Tool Build Facilities and our global Manufacturing Locations, we provide the following unmatched services to ensure that you receive only the highest quality products on time, every time.


Machine Build: Thermoform and Secondary Operations Equipment

One of the primary ways Prent has achieved unparalleled, worldwide, repeatable manufacturing is by designing and building identical thermoformers and other equipment at our Worldwide Machine Build Facility in Janesville, WI. Each state-of-the-art thermoformer features a customized computer control panel to provide precise instructions to each former and real-time statistical process control for temperature, pressure, cycle time, and much more. These controls are also networked to Production Control and Logistics for computerized forecasting, scheduling, tracking, inventory control, shipping and maintenance.

Our matched thermoform machines give Prent:

  • Precision computer controls and robotics to ensure uniformity and repeatability
  • Endless flexibility to move tools and the machine control plan from one thermoformer to another globally with minimum revalidation requirements
  • The ability to react instantly to industry needs
  • Unlimited capacity to address our growing business
  • A global robust Business Continuity Plan against natural or man-made disasters

As part of our continued investment in people, facilities and technology, as we update our thermoformers with the latest technology, all thermoformers are updated globally. This ensures ONE thermoform machine type globally!




In 1982, Jack Pregont started GOEX within Prent's facility to supply PVC extruded sheet to Prent Corporation for medical packaging. By 1990, GOEX spun-off as a sister corporation led by Joseph Pregont. The strategy was to create two focused companies dedicated to driving value in their respected areas of expertise. Today under the leadership of President and CEO, Joshua Gray, GOEX operates out of the most advanced custom plastic extrusion facility in the industry. While trying to always source locally, Prent uses only the material that will deliver the best customer result. A key component of our vertical integration includes the extrusion of rigid custom plastic roll stock material manufactured by GOEX.

Products include a wide range of materials for the medical, electronics and consumer packaging industries, including Bio-based materials.

When tied together, our integration allows for better flow and control of information across the entire process, tighter quality control, increased market knowledge, and speed-to-market for you. When it comes to designing, developing and manufacturing your custom package, our entire team works together to ensure your project is completed on time. We don't outsource projects!