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Syringe Packaging

Package design is a critical factor to ensuring the integrity of products all the way from the manufacturing plant to the point of patient care. This holds true for various types of medical products and devices, including syringes. At Prent, we offer efficient syringe packaging solutions for the medical industry. We navigate our customers through every stage of the packaging manufacturing process, ensuring total product integrity and quality at the point of use.

Syringe Packaging Design and Sterilization Requirements

There are certain packaging challenges associated with the protection and sterilization of syringes. Using the right materials and right thermoforming tool is essential to ensuring syringes are snugly packaged, but not too tight that the plastic or glass of the syringe cracks or breaks.

Syringe packaging must be designed so that the syringe pack can be opened hygienically and easily by the healthcare professionals or a family member who is to administer the contents of the syringe. Any contamination of the syringe packaging could have detrimental health consequences to the patient.

It is vital to use packaging that ensures a sterile syringe when opened and tamper evident materials in order to preserve the safety of users and patients. If necessary, sterilization techniques may be applied to the syringe packaging itself.

Get Syringe Packaging Solutions

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