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Sterile Packaging

Patient safety is the core focus behind sterile packaging. Providing sterile medical and pharmaceutical products is one of the most crucial goals of medical device and service providers. At Prent, we have the expertise and experience to develop and manufacture repeatable and reliable sterile packaging solutions that meet those varying requirements. Our extensive design expertise with medical packaging needs, our state-of-the-art, globally matched thermoformers designed and built in-house, and ISO certified Class 7 and 8 clean rooms make us the clear choice for your packaging needs.


Sterile Medical Packaging from an Industry Standout

From concept to product delivery, our team applies their sterile packaging knowledge to help with development and support required to meet your packaging needs for sterile blister packaging. as well as non-sterile medical / pharmaceutical packaging.

Every step in our supply chain and process plays a role in creating sterile packaging that can withstand rigorous logistics and sterilization processes.

The requirements and regulations governing medical device packaging can be dynamic and complex. Finding a knowledgeable and reliable sterile packaging service provider is crucial to help meet these requirements. Look no further than Prent for your sterile packaging needs.

Get Sterile Packaging Solutions

Backed by over 50 years of experience, Prent Corporation has the expertise and knowledge to develop and thermoform sterile packages for your custom applications. To learn more about the sterile medical packaging products we offer for medical and pharmaceutical applications, give us a call today at 608.754.0276 or use our contact form.