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News Releases

Prent Wins Three SPE Thermoforming Awards in 2007

Prent Corporation, the global leader of custom thermoform medical packaging, won three top awards at the 17th Annual Thermoforming Parts Competition of the Society of Plastic Engineers' (SPE) Thermoforming Division.

Two medical packages and an industrial product proved to be winning designs for Prent. "These awards not only honor our talented product development teams, but also our manufacturing division which worked hand-in-hand to achieve the design and production innovations introduced in these projects," says Josepth T. Pregont, Prent President and CEO. 


Garnering a Bronze Award in the Medical Roll-Fed category was the St. Jude Introducer TS Tray, designed to hold and protect a product used to access the left atrium during complex cardiac procedures. A small clamshell lid protects delicate distal-tips for transit, while a larger lid holds a guide wire and catheter handle in place. Products can be removed all at once in the operating room or remain in the tray for individual use as needed. Ten different product lines can be assembled and shipped in this tray, providng cost and labor savings for the OEM and the end-users.


A Silver Award in the Medical Roll-Fed category went to Prent's StomaphyX tray for EndoGastric Solutions, Inc. The 40" long, one-piece tray holds a sterile, single-use device for treating patients with severe obesity. The design combines flaps, snaps and precise cavitations to securely present device components in sequential order of use, plus offers numerous cost savings. 


Winning a Gold Award in the Industrial Roll-Fed category was Prent's VertiKlean MAX, a light weight disposable applicator from Contec, Inc., for spreading disinfectant solutions onto cleanroom surfaces. A proprietary retractable snap design allows the user to attach a sterile mop onto a reusable frame with just one hand. A rigid APET thermoform is glued onto the estar foam applicator to provide rigidity without added bulk, improve cleaning capabiities and reduce supply costs.