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Prent Wins Gold at DuPont Packaging Innovation Awards

Prent won a Gold Award at the 2015 DuPont Packaging Awards for a six foot long cardiac catheter package that transform from a medical package to an essential part of the surgical team. 

"The packaging system defines new frontiers in the medical device field by integrating material, with end-use customer-focused features that enable the package to be a value-add to the overall therapy," according to David Clarke, Packaging Engineering Supervisor, Medtronic Vascular Galway Ltd, in a recent HEALTHCARE PACKAGING article.

"Prent has a good design team that can articulate what we as a customer require. They are consumer-focused and use cutting-edge equipment," he notes. 

The package's most ingenuitive feature is a lockable swivel that allows the 68" tray to easily convert into a 34" U-shaped configuration for the operating room. The package is transported in the longer straight configuration. 

"It's an outstanding accomplishment in packaging," raved one judge. "It's precision engineering for a demanding application."

"This multi-configuration design allows the catheter to be turned 180 degrees without needing to be removed from the package, a requirement for this application. This ensures sterility from packing, to unloading, to end use," the judge continues. 

Prent's new Medtronic EnVeo(TM) R package is no longer seen simply as packaging to be discarded, but is now an integral part of instrument preparation. 

Judges were especially impressed with the thoroughness of the solution which integrated materials using "poka-yoke" design to help guard against errors by medical staff. 

Now, a single user has complete control of the medical device, reducing operating room prep time by 50%. Plus, a reflective film strip located within the tray's integrated loading bath gives medical staff a 360 degree visualization of the valve and all the attachment points, thus providing confidence and comfort of precise valve loading of the catheter. 

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