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Prent Introduces New Robust Orthopedic Packaging Material

After three years in development, Prent Corporation has introduced a new robust, durable orthopedic packaging material. It was designed to withstand the highly abrasive nature of porous coated implants, which can typically be extremely destructive to traditional packaging. 

The new co-extruded TPU/PETG 6763 material is a joint product development process with our sister company GOEX, an extruder of plastic sheet and roll stock. It’s the marriage between the soft protective qualities of thermoplastic polyurethane TPU with the durable sterile barrier qualities of PETG 6763.

According to Joseph Pregont, Prent Corporation President and CEO, “the new material is meeting the need for sturdy, protective packaging of abrasive orthopedic implants to ensure the devices arrive in the operating suite in perfect condition. It also offers reduced material costs compared to traditional TPU-only products. Plus, it gives us a better formable material.”

The project was originally the result of a customer’s request to find a better universal orthopedic packaging solution, as well as address the packaging concerns of orthopedic nurses. Since some implants today are undergoing more transportation and handling than the packaging was originally designed and tested for, operating room nurses have reported heavy, orthopedic implants breaking-through lidding, plastic packaging and even cardboard boxes.

Thanks to Prent’s new co-extruded TPU/PETG 6763 material, the new packaging is winning rave reviews from our customers and nurses for its strength and durability. 

Some of the many benefits of Prent’s new TPU/PETG 6763 material include:

• Both the PETG 6763 and TPU Resin components are USP Class VI Certified.

• The material is suitable for both gamma and ethylene oxide sterilization.

• It stands up to repeated abrasion, sharp edges and aggressive textures.

• It’s sealable with Tyvek.

• It can eliminate the need for Polyurethane inner or outer liners for many devices.

• It can be converted using normal in-line thermoform processes.

• It has a nice tactile feel.

• It’s available in two common gauges.

• The material maintains clarity sufficient to allow detailed part identification. It’s also available in medical blue-tint.

Media Contact
Vicki Damron, Marketing Director, Prent Corporation, 608-758-1150,