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News Releases

Tool Growth Explodes to Meet Global Demand

Across the globe, medical device companies are demanding suppliers provide products faster and less expensively. At Prent, that means we must always be examining the way we do business to ensure we are continually working smarter and faster. 

That kind of commitment is allowing Prent to produce more tools today than ever before, thanks to:

• Our investment in a large stable of highly sophisticated CNC machines. Housed within our Global Tool Centers, this equipment allow us to slash tooling time, drive-down lead times and eliminate the need for most manual drilling. 

• The addition of more Tool Center employees and tooling shifts. 

• “Lights out” tooling capabilities. Our advanced CNC equipment allows us to set-up more jobs, on more shifts, than ever before—so tooling can run round the clock. 

For more information contact Vicki Damron, Prent Marketing Director at