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Prent Corporation Meets Demand for Clean Room Manufacturing


Prent Corporation has expanded production capabilities to include an ISO Class 8 qualified Secondary Operations clean room at their world headquarters located in Janesville, Wisconsin. 

The integration of the ISO Class 8 Secondary Operations clean room allows manufacturing operations to be performed in a controlled environment. The clean room design maintains a constant positive air pressure throughout to assure further recurrent filtered air exchange levels. This level of environmental control is integral to the healthcare and medical industries. The 5,000 square foot certified clean room has the latest technology, ensuring proper controlling of temperature, humidity, and contamination with monthly documented charted recordings. Employees working in the clean room undergo strict Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) training which includes contamination control and proper gowning procedures. 

“We recognize the critical importance of manufacturing discipline in healthcare and medical device operations. Given the highly regulated environment in which our customers operate, it is imperative that the company remains devoted to a continuous improvement strategy as well as an interest to meet or exceed the sterile medical packaging requirements within the markets we supply,” said Jim O’Dierno, Executive Vice President of Sales. 

As a progressive approach to the demands of the markets, Prent has also added 2,500 square feet of clean room space designed for rapid expansion on short notice. The tightly controlled environments will allow Prent to not only accommodate existing customer needs but also to explore secondary operation project assembly and fulfillment opportunities. 

Some post-thermoforming clean room operations will include sealing, punching holes, RF welding, pad printing, precision flange trim, large sample runs (vacuum form equipment), hot stamp, and final assembly. Carefully monitoring and regulating secondary clean room operations will streamline production efforts and increase project efficiencies. 

“Whether it is post-thermoforming operations, project assembly or fulfillment, we have specifically designed our manufacturing operations for flexibility. Scalable manufacturing allows us to be able to adapt quickly to changes while maintaining strong partnerships with our customers”, said Mitch Benson, Senior Vice President of Manufacturing Services. 

Prent’s global operations have continuously met industry quality and safety standards, enforcing manufacturing excellence in the core of everyday operations. The implementation of clean room environments into Prent’s manufacturing portfolio enhances product offering and emphasizes the company’s dedication toward continuous improvement. 

About Prent Corporation
Prent Corporation is the world’s leading designer and producer of custom thermoformed packages for the medical device industry. The company has received 16 WorldStar medical packaging awards, operating in clean room environments at their facilities in Arizona, China, Costa Rica, Denmark, Malaysia, Puerto Rico, and Wisconsin. To learn more about Prent, visit

Media Contact: Jessica Leising, Prent Corporation,