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News Releases

“For Prent Corporation, 2013 was an excellent year—with worldwide growth hitting double figures,” according to Joseph Pregont, Prent Corporation President and CEO. “It was a year of settling down after a tremendous amount of work in 2012 in Malaysia where we built a new facility, plus added a second facility in China.”

Several years ago in a bold move to help our customers reduce packaging costs, Prent Corporation—with our sister-company GOEX—embarked on an aggressive research and development program to create a medical-grade material that would provide OEMs with significant yield and cost advantages, excellent clarity and functionality.

Prent’s commitment is underway to have all global facilities ISO 13485 certified for medical devices. Already, Prent Denmark, Costa Rica and China have received certification.

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Prent Corporation was recently honored with a prestigious 2014 Ameristar packaging award from the Institute of Packaging Professional’s (IoPP) for a unique thermoformed package designed to hold and protect a catheter used in cardiovascular angiography.

Across the globe, medical device companies are demanding suppliers provide products faster and less expensively. At Prent, that means we must always be examining the way we do business to ensure we are continually working smarter and faster.

Prent Corporation is on-the-grow. To accommodate the continuing expansion of our global operations, 7,000 sq. ft. of office space was recently added at our World Headquarters in Janesville, WI, USA, while other interior office space received a significant face-lift.

Prent is pleased to present its 40th Annual Holiday Ornament Package.

2012 United States Vice Presidential Nominee and Wisconsin Congressman—recently saluted Prent Corporation for its global manufacturing leadership and excellence. Go to, to view a short video clip.

The ingenuity of Prent’s 2013 WorldStar winning package lies in its compact, easy-to-understand tray and universal retainer, featuring numerous benefits for physicians, hospitals, as well as the device maker.