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MEDEX® 641 is Slashing Costs

Years in the Making

Several years ago in a bold move to help our customers reduce packaging costs, Prent Corporation—with our sister-company GOEX—embarked on an aggressive research and development program to create a medical-grade material that would provide OEMs with significant yield and cost advantages, excellent clarity and functionality. 

“The result was MEDEX® 641—an all new medical-grade rigid thermoform packaging material. Since then,” reports Joseph T. Pregont, Prent President and CEO, “it’s achieved outstanding cost benefits for our customers.

“MEDEX® 641 is an alternative to traditional medical rigid materials. It’s a result of our commitment to help customers reduce their overall packaging costs and enhance their sustainability initiatives,” he explains.

1. Significant Yield and Cost Advantages: MEDEX® 641 is significantly less dense than other medical packaging materials like XT Polymer, Polycarbonate, PVC or PETG. This reduces the total amount of material necessary to thermoform a package, thus reducing the total cost of material. MEDEX® 641 is saving some medical device companies significant packaging costs.

2. Rugged Performance: MEDEX® 641 is an extremely solid material with enhanced strength and durability. 

3. Excellent Clarity: MEDEX® 641 provides great visibility to package contents. Tints are also available, including traditional medical Blue Tint.

4. Part Separation: For customers wanting to eliminate silicone from their facilities, this is an ideal material since MEDEX® 641 contains no silicone for denestability. It is a co-extruded product, in which the surface contains mechanical attributes that allow for easy formed-part-separation.

5. Exceptional Thermoformability: MEDEX® 641 thermoforms and trims exceptionally clean. It has excellent flow, plus forms with better distribution characteristics than some traditional materials.

6. FDA Compliant: MEDEX® 641 is FDA and USP Class VI compliant. In addition, it can be sterilized by a variety of methods including ETO, Gamma and E-Beam.

For more information about using MEDEX® 641, contact Jim O’Dierno, Prent Executive VP of Sales and Marketing at