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Prent Helps Customers Meet Their Goals

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Prent understands its customers’ sustainability and cost-saving challenges– both in the marketplace and within their own operations. That’s why we are committed to designing more with less and helping our customers meet their sustainability goals. Prent also encourages its customers to evaluate their existing products and let us know if they are interested in alternate materials. Often times, Prent can help minimize costs and add sustainability in new ways.

“Prent has always strived for a small carbon footprint by making environmentally conscious business decisions,” says Director of Supply Chain Andy Fallon. “We have aggressive goals for minimizing the loss throughout the thermoforming process. All of the plastic that is scrapped is then ground and recycled for future use in different, non-medical applications. In addition to grinding scrap generated, Prent returns the plastic pallets and raw material PVC cores back to our sister company, GOEX Corporation, where they are reused for new orders.” 

Prent’s superior design process also provides packaging that optimizes functional performance, minimizes material usage, reduces costs, and meets industry standards. Prent also continually works to reduce package weight through improved process machinery, design, tooling, and materials to decrease both environmental impact and costs. 

And, Prent is committed to the development and prequalification of new materials and processes to support its customers’ needs around the globe. Through extensive research and development, and a partnership with GOEX, Prent helps customers identify acceptable and environmentallyfriendly new materials, including commercially available, compostable, and bio-based materials. All Prent packaging and packaging processes are RoHS compliant and contain no lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyls or polybrominated diphenyl ethers. 

Prent uses returnable containers (shown above) to enhance product protection and improve freight efficiencies by eliminating wood skids and related corrugate packing materials. Returnable containers offer customers durable, clean packing, increased part protection, warehouse optimization, closed-loop packing, and reduced freight costs.