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Prent's Product Development Cycle Speeds WorldStar Winner to Market

Prent Corporation was recently honored with an unprecedented 16th WorldStar Award from the World Packaging Organization (WPO). It was for a thermoformed diagnostic guide wire package created for Volcano Corporation, the global leader in intravascular imaging for coronary and peripheral therapeutic devices and physiology. 

According to Eric Henderson, Volcano’s Packaging Engineer tasked with overseeing the project, “Prent’s innovative solution and technical expertise was impressive. “We chose the right company for the job, with the right package design engineers. It’s been a breath of fresh air to work with Prent,” raves Henderson.

“I think our level of customer service and attention to detail took Volcano Corporation by surprise,” admits Tom Schaffner, Prent’s North American Sales Manager, who further notes Prent’s comprehensive Product Development Process is entirely without charge to the customer. 

As with all Prent customers, the process of creating that “just-right package” to meet Volcano’s needs began in our Product Development Department. “This is where our award winning International Design Teams work with the latest technology to transform a customer’s package vision to reality,” explains Schaffner. “Skilled designers, tool engineers, CNC programmers and machinists all play critical roles.” Here are just some of the benefits Henderson says helped make Prent’s Product Development Process so smooth:

• Prent was easy to contact, responding quickly to our calls.
• Designs were excellent.
• Changes were made in days—not weeks.
• Fast-turnaround of prototype trays provided tangible parts for decision- making.
• Prent had the flexibility to make design changes even while on the thermoforming machines.