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Prent Wins 2013 WorldStar Award

JANESVILLE, WI—June 1, 2013—The ingenuity of Prent’s 2013 WorldStar winning package lies in its compact, easy-to-understand tray and universal retainer, featuring numerous benefits for physicians, hospitals, as well as the device maker. 

Prent Worldwide, based in Janesville, WI, USA, is the leading global designer of thermoformed medical device packages.

The workhorse of the WorldStar package is the retainer with multiple forms and features providing cost savings and enhanced product usability. 

The retainer’s universal design allows for various length devices, thus reducing per package costs associated with designing, tool milling, thermoforming, material, warehousing and shipping multiple retainers.
And, since the retainer and tray are stacked, the footprint uses less shelf space offering healthcare providers with costs savings and superior product protection and stability.

Other features of the retainer—when combined as a whole—perform multiple functions:

• Allowing fast loading of the product 
• Preventing tangle of lengthy tubing 
• Enabling fast and easy access to tray 
• Ensuring excellent sterilization penetration

For more information, contact Vicki Damron, Marketing Director, at