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Prent Wins Design Award for Innovative Transportation & Automation Tote

Prent Corporation has won the 2022 WorldStar Packaging Award - Electronics Division for its Transportation & Automation Tote, which was designed for medical device leader Medtronic. The prestigious award was presented by The World Packaging Organisation (WPO) for exceeding expectations in design and sustainability. 

The Challenge

Medtronic was seeking a modern replacement to an outdated transportation and automation tote made from a three-piece injection molded system. The new totes needed to safely and effectively transport 30 fragile, glass components, and integrate into an established automation process.
Prent Corporation's Design Engineer, Austin Schweda, developed a thin gauge thermoformed packaging solution that exceeded its design requirements. The package is made of a single, asymmetrical part that, when reflected onto itself and snapped into place, safely houses the fragile glass components. The tote uses tight fitting radii and challenging drafts to protect the contents inside while seamlessly integrating into Medtronic's automation system.

Exceeding Expectations 

Beyond the functionality of the part, the design also provides efficiencies in a number of ways.
"Compared to its predecessor, we reduced the tote's footprint by 31 percent while increasing its capacity from 30 to 32 components," Schweda says. "Plus, the switch to thermoforming from injection molding reduces its weight by 700 percent."  
Providing the customer with a more efficient tote that is lighter and smaller has a profound economic and environmental impact that goes beyond Medtronic's original requirements. 
"This honor for Prent is a continuation of the company's heritage of design awards from the top industry associations," says Prent COO Joe Pregont II. "It's in our culture to always strive to exceed our customers' expectations with exceptional packaging innovations, and it's gratifying to receive awards for it." 
To date, Prent has won 14 AmeriStar awards and 17 WorldStar awards.