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Prent Corporation wins 2020 AmeriStar Award

NOVEMBER 2, 2020  Prent Corporation was recently announced as an AmeriStar award winner, in the Medical Device category, by the Institute of Packaging Professionals (IoPP). The AmeriStar awards are an annual honor given to the best packaging design based on innovation, product protection, economics, package performance, marketing, and environmental impact.

The Collections Clamshell Tray has unique features that make the tray ergonomically friendly to use in addition to providing protection of the device prior to use.

The clamshell organizes and stores the device for easy handling. The proximal end of the tray has a hinge and large lid to aid users in opening only the handle end to easily insert and remove the medical device. Finger tabs intuitively identify the opening.

The clamshell design protects the device and dilator so the device, or tips, are not damaged during shipping and handling. In addition, the double-hinged design is distinctive and enables the distal end to remain snapped in place.



Sustainability is a crucial element in packaging. This clamshell is made of recycled APET material.  Not only is the packaging material a sustainable resource, but the material also mirrors the nature of the industry of re-sterilizing devices for another use. 

About Prent
For thermoform medical packaging, electronics packaging and consumer packaging, leading companies around the world turn to Prent Corporation to provide innovative, reliable, and cost-effective packaging solutions. With over 50 years of thermoforming experience and an unmatched vertical integration that includes sheet extrusion, global in-house design services, and fabricating the same thermoform equipment for global manufacturing best practices, Prent is ready to supply your thermoform needs.

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