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Prent’s Collection Clamshell Tray Design Earns National Recognition


The Institute of Packaging Professionals recently honored Prent Corporation with a prestigious 2020 AmeriStar Packaging Award for its Collection Clamshell Tray. The package exceeded expectations in innovation, product protection, package performance, and environmental impact, and was born out of a collaboration between Prent’s Product Development Department and the customer, says Michelle Rademacher who was the project’s lead designer.

clamshell“We learned about the concerns and issues from the end user up front and came up with a design solution that could house the devices and not damage them in transit,” says Rademacher. “We also incorporated less components for sustainability purposes, and came up with a collection method that had better performance over the previous bulk loose pack out.” 

The tray’s double-hinged design enables the distal end to remain snapped in place, while the proximal end has a hinge within the large lid to aid the user in opening only the handle end to easily insert and remove the device.

“Finger tabs were added to help users distinguish the opening to make it intuitive,” says Rademacher. “This design allows for ease of use and storage in both the hospital and customer facility.”

Information was also added to the bottom of the tray to help users identify where each component goes from the dilator to the stopcock off the handle. These engravings help improve hospital usability.

The clamshell organizes and stores the device for easy handling and protects the device and dilator from damage. Previously, used devices were shipped loosely in a collection container from the hospital back to the customer facility to be re-sterilized. Damage was occurring to the tips of the devices and, therefore, the devices could not be reused. Now, when the medical device is no longer being used, the end user can unsnap the handle portion of the clamshell to slide the catheter or dilator into the correct location and snap it closed. 

Sustainability is also a crucial element in this package. The tray is made from recycled APET material, which is a sustainable resource. Prent has won 11 AmeriStar awards and 16 WorldStar awards.