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Thermoform Blister Packaging

Versatile, reliable, and inexpensive thermoformed blister packaging is the premier method of choice in the medical and pharmaceutical industries.

Blister packaging consists of pre-formed containers often used for housing consumer products and pharmaceuticals. The main part of a blister pack includes a clear pocket (or cavity) manufactured from a formable encasing of thermoformed plastic. This pack often has a sealed backing of plastic, foil, or paperboard. A clamshell package is a two-sided blister that folds onto itself.

Common materials for thermoformed blister packaging include PVC, PET, and PETG.

Your Premier Thermoform Blister Packaging Manufacturer

Regardless of whether the blister packaging you need is for medical, pharmaceutical, or general merchandise applications such as consumer goods, sporting goods, toys, and office supplies, we have the experience, production capabilities, and quality assurance processes to match your needs.

As a trusted source among blister packaging suppliers, we are able to provide you with the thermoformed blister packaging solution that includes the features you need at the right price. We do this through our custom package design capabilities, careful raw material selection, and ISO 9001 compliant quality management program. Look no further than Trent if you need a reliable plastic blister packaging manufacturer.

Get Customized Thermoform Blister Packaging

For more information about the thermoforming blister packaging options we offer for your product and packaging requirements, give us a call today at 608.754.0276 or leave us a message through our contact form.