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Happy Holidays 2023

Innovative Materials

The highlight of this season's holiday packaging is its innovative sustainable material options sourced from the medical packaing portfolio of Prent's sister company GOEX. 

The packaging's red opaque base is thermoformed utilizing MEDPET®90, a medical-grade polyester material extruded by GOEX. MEDPET®90 finds application in various thermoforming scenarios, boasting exceptional clarity, impact resistance, and cost-efficiency. MEDPET®90 also presents itself as a valuable enhancement to risk management strategies by providing an alternative one-to-one material to your current medical-grade PETG. Moreover, it aligns with sustainable goals as it bears the #1 recycling code, making it easy to recycle.

The clear retainer showcases another innovative and sustainable material, RE·COVER™ PETG.    RE·COVER™ PETG is a medical-grade PETG that is extruded with virgin cap layers, and lot-traceable regrind in the core of the sheet. By maintaining full lot-traceability of the regrind, RE·COVER™ PETG promotes mechanical recycling with critical medical device packaging standards.

The holiday packaging includes several other innovative features and highlights including:

  • Thin gauge, clear, Polyurethane (TPU) that conforms to the bulb and creates a cushion for both protection of the bulb and anti-abrasion;
  • Radio Frequency welding provides a clean, highly reliable and repeatable method of bonding two components together;
  • Laser engraving of both the QR code and a unique serial number that allows for precise lot traceability of each package;
  • New manufacturing facility – This year’s double-sided holiday bulb artwork highlights our global footprint with the black stars representing all of Prent locations - including our newest location in El Paso, TX opening in spring 2024!
  • Prent partnered with the University of Wisconsin – Stout’s packaging lab to administer an ISTA 1A  drop test sequence and ensure your holiday bulb would arrive safe and sound.

As the industry leader in custom thermoformed rigid packaging, Prent can help provide innovative, sustainable solutions for all your packaging applications.