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Happy Holidays

It's All In the Details

We know the small details are just as important as the big ones and this year’s holiday package captures both.

The clear columns, engraved to look like frosted glass, are the key component of the package’s structure. Two hinged thermoformed parts fold to make six columns that snap into narrow channels formed into the top hat and base. The columns are designed to be both decorative and protect the ornament during transit. Notice the small details in both the white base and the ornament itself. The letter “P” for Prent is incorporated into the design and ornament as an artist element and to add a little fun to the holiday season.

The white top hat captures the ornament’s finial to suspend it in the assembled package. A QR code is laser etched on the hat and will link you to our website.

Sustainability is also a critical component to this year’s package. To showcase our innovation in forming sustainable materials, all 5 parts were formed using recycled PETG (rPETG). The rPETG was coextruded by GOEX, utilizing a closed-loop, traceable program that is unique to Prent and GOEX.

As the industry leader in custom thermoformed rigid packaging, Prent can help provide sustainable, detailed solutions for all your packaging applications.



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