Prent, Janesville Wisconsin

Global Thermoforming

Prent’s nine Global Thermoforming Centers are the heart of our operations. At each, we take pride in our production excellence and thermoforming to Lean Six Sigma standards—on identical thermoformers—in Class 8 clean room environments.

To achieve 100% traceability, repeatability and meet our customers’ Cpk requirements, each state-of-the-art thermoformer features a customized computer control panel to provide precise instructions to each former and real-time statistical process control for temperature, pressure, cycle time, and much more. These controls are also networked to Production Control and Logistics for computerized forecasting, scheduling, tracking, inventory control, shipping and maintenance.

Sophisticated robotics perform many plastic thermoforming operations, while inspectors check the packaging for part thickness, trim tolerance, fit, function and aesthetics before packing into poly bag-lined Returnable Containers or shipping cartons.

Thermoforming Animation